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New Sales Performance Dashboard is Designed Specifically for Inside Sales Teams

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KENOSHA, Wis., January 29, 2009 - Executive dashboards and executive information systems have become critical to C-level decision making. EIS drives accelerated data flow into a graphical user interface displayed on desktop monitors. However, senior executives aren't the only ones who can benefit from real-time data, metrics and performance indicators. A new dashboard developed by GS Marketing Group, Inc. is designed specifically for inside sales teams.

Scoreboard is a fully-customizable inside sales performance viewer that combines real-time sales data with an easy-to-read, attractive graphical interface. Seen from strategically-mounted displays amidst the sales team, Scoreboard motivates and challenges inside sales teams to perform. "Scoreboard plays off of the natural competitiveness of sales people with a non-threatening, team-building design," stated Tim Cascio, Vice-President of Business Development at GS Marketing. "We provide information in a dynamic format that affects sales performance in real-time."

With sales management input, Scoreboard can be customized via its user-friendly administration tool. Goal-based color changes, bar graphs, audio clips and ticker feeds are only few of the features that add to the overall effectiveness of Scoreboard. "We developed the software to deliver information in a way that sales people will connect with it," explained Mark Bernhardt, Senior Software Programmer at GS Marketing.

From the sales manager to the executive branch, Scoreboard provides decision makers with instant access to sales leadership and insight as to which sales members and metrics are underperforming. Management no longer has to wait for end-of-day or weekly reports to track progress, reward performance or correct behavior. Timely, accurate information means better control and confidence in decisioning. And because Scoreboard is entirely a local application, it is as secure as your system. Critical sales data never leaves the protection of the company's designated private network, yet is accessible remotely via authorized VPN internet connections.

Scoreboard was developed with ROI in mind. Although sales teams and results will vary, an overall increase in sales performance is a natural outcome when sales members are challenged, motivated and held accountable. Scoreboard's pricing structure allows most companies with inside sales teams to afford this real-time tool.

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