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ITA Mobile Visionary Roundtable Event: How Can U.S. Mimic Japanese Mobile Success?

Guest speaker Christopher Billich, Senior Vice President of Research & Strategy at Infinita, will present his take on how we can apply what already works in the Japanese mobile market.

CHICAGO, November 5, 2009 - On November 18, the Mobile Visionary Roundtable at the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) welcomes virtual guest speaker, Christopher Billich. Billich is the Senior Vice President of Research & Strategy at Infinita, Tokyo, Japan. He speaks often, throughout the world, on mobile innovation. He will review the trends he sees as a widely respected mobile industry thought leader and researcher. Billich will answer the question, "How can we apply what already works in Japan in our mobile market?"

With 100 million users of advanced, third-generation smartphones, Japan has twice the adoption rate of the United States. Japan is at the forefront of mobile thought leadership, ranging from mobile wallets to mobile TV with built-in shopping. New technologies, devices and services are being developed to further empower our mobile lives. Billich will share his views on where this exciting new market is headed.

Following the insightful mobile industry presentation, attendees will split into themed mobile "20/20" breakout sessions, where they will enjoy networking opportunities and share best practices in mobile marketing, technology and application development.

In this roundtable, participants will:

  • Understand why nine in ten Japanese use the mobile Internet
  • See how mobile phones are being used as digital wallets, TVs, health monitoring devices and even to help keep your shoes dry
  • Discover how operators, handset manufacturers and content providers cooperate to create value
  • Learn how mobile advertising became a $1 billion industry
  • Find out which players are pushing the boundaries of the medium
  • Understand what lessons all this holds for other markets

Visit for more information and to register for this event, scheduled for Wednesday, November 18, 2009, 8:30am-11:00am.

New members are always welcome to attend, free of charge. ITA roundtable events are available to the general Chicagoland business community. Roundtable events are held in downtown Chicago, across from the Sears Tower (now named the Willis Tower), at 200 S Wacker Dr, 15th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606.

Additional forthcoming Mobile Visionary roundtable mobile topics include:

  • Mobile Marketing Plans
  • Best Practices in Apps Development
  • The Future of Mobile
  • Business Enterprise Applications
  • Mobile Monetization
  • Global Considerations in Mobile
  • Platform Comparisons (iPhone vs. Android vs. Pre, etc.)

About the speaker, Christopher Billich
Christopher is the Senior Vice President of Research & Strategy at Infinita, Tokyo, Japan. His research helps to answer the question, "How can we apply what already works in Japan in our mobile market?" Infinita works with clients across Europe, Asia and the US, including companies like Orange, Qualcomm, and IBM. Billich's perspective is one from a mature mobile market and his areas of focus include mobile commerce, mobile advertising and NFC contactless payments. Prior to joining Infinita, his assignments as a consultant included Vodafone D2 Germany, BenQ Mobile and Deutsche Telekom.

About the Mobile Visionary Roundtable
The Mobile Visionary Roundtable offers a forum for ITA members to engage in active networking and interactive, high-gain, topical discussions regarding mobile marketing and technology. The monthly Mobile Visionary Roundtables feature expert guest speakers, including mobile strategists, marketers and developers from around the world.

About the Illinois Technology Association
The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) represents the interests of a diverse membership of more than 550 companies in Illinois that create, deploy and utilize information technology as a core part of their organization. By connecting members with industry peers and participants, providing the latest strategic information, market research and critical market insight and by promoting key thought leaders to raise visibility and gain a greater market awareness and presence, ITA is focused on building and developing the Illinois technology community through collaboration. Additional information is available at

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